Monday, November 23, 2009

Last of the red-hot models

An unknown entity quick-and-dirtied all of downtown OkC in Google Earth, so modeling is pretty moot now. I was able to get this model of the Norick Library approved mere days before the onslaught.

And since it's not quick & dirty, it gains precedent over the casual crank-out of the mass-post models. Wish I knew who did it.

In honor of the re-re-relaunch of KSPI

I madey t-shirt cuz I likey.

Stay Wierd, Japan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Overholser Mansion

My newest model. Gettin' better at sketchup.

The short list of future models:
The Crystal Bridge
Norick Library
Civic Center Music Hall
Stage Center
Oklahoma County Jail

Right now, I've got 7 programs, a dozen tabs, twitter, blog and webserver open all related to 3D modeling. I'm not getting paid. What's wrong with me?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've built a model of the Gold Dome for Google Earth.

I know sketchup is free, but it's free with many MANY limitations. I haven't used the pay-for-play version, but I feel I'm being hobbled by the lack of it. First off, building a dome was way more difficult than it needed to be. There's no way to make a sphere, so I had to build it in an offhand way. Also, there's a limitation on applying and positioning textures. In a decent 3D program, I would have made a sphere, cut down the polys, sliced it where I needed to and then laid a solid texture over the entire thing, keeping the polygons of the texture —as opposed to the model polygons— intact. The way I had to do it is apply a texture to each poly on my pieced-together dome, making it look not so great as it could have.
I know. I'm bitching about a free program. It's pretty good for free, but they want people to make content for them. I want to make content. But it's way harder than it needs to be and the results are lacking because of the limitations.
So I have three models awaiting review. I've had my OKCMOA model rejected for "Insufficient Texturing" which was wrong. The surfaces without textures had colors applied and didn't need a photo texture, which would have added to the size of the file. So I revisited the model and uploaded it again. It was rejected a second time for the same reason so I appealed and it is awaiting re-re-review at the moment. It seems it's someone at google looking at a number on a screen, not paying attention to how the model looks. It also seems that Google wants cubes with a photo slapped on it. I like to put some detail to it and don't want to half-ass a hundred cubes. I want to build as accurate a model as I can. Given the limitations of a free sketchup and model review prejudices... it just makes something frustrating out of something I do for fun.

Dead Sitcoms

Kristen Chenoweth just won an Emmy for a canceled show. No matter how great it was. TV sucks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do you realize?

If not for Adam getting cancer, there would be a new Beastie Boys album out now. Damn. In the meantime, you can stream the entire Flaming Lips album Embryonic at Colbert Nation for a limited time.

Monday, September 7, 2009


For no reason at all I was reminded of a guy I met only once at a bar in Crescent, OK about 1999. I don't remember his name, but I gave him the nickname "Ironbeard" for the first words he said to me: "This beard? Like iron."
It wasn't the first thing he said to me, it was just the first words. The first thing he did was sit next to me, get in my face and growl. I liked him immediately.
The growl was a test. A challenge to the college boy sitting in his bar. I passed the test with a broad smile I could not help and buying him a beer. He softened like a huge teddybear with the worst puke-breath I had ever smelled.
I shook his gigantic hand and it felt like a cheese-grater. With that I assumed he was an oil worker and he was skunk-drunk. The bar owners had nearly run out of patience with him, as they didn't (or couldn't) handle such a huge guy that was that drunk and ready to fight or drink, whichever came first. Since he had obviously blew every bit of cash he had at the bar that night, I was a target for one. I'm not a fighter —and since I could envision him pounding me into the ground like the bulldog in a Sylvester cartoon, I bought him a beer.
We talked for a while about his beard and what I should call him. He seemed to like Ironbeard, and so did I, so that's what I know him as.
Into our second beer, some OSU kids came in to play pool. He started growling again and suggesting we go over and start some shit. I had no doubt he could handle all 4 of them, as they were skinny college frat guys and he had to be 6'4" at 275lbs. His skin was dragon scale and he was feeling zero pain. His giant arms were almost cartoonish and when he made a fist, which was often, it was like two boulders on the ends of telephone poles.
Part of me wanted to see him pound someone. Even a bunch of someones. But I played the peacemaker and told him to sit tight and he obliged, not because I had control, but because he didn't want to jeopardize the beerflow.
The conversation was fractured, of course. He was wasted and I wondered how much liquor it took to get him that way. He had been there all night, judging by the bar owners attitudes toward him, and his friend was happy I had given him some time without having to deal with him. Ironbeard was obviously a hand-full. From what I could deduce from snippet of conversation and what I could observe, he had gotten drunk, pissed off the staff and left, "borrowing" his friends car without asking or even telling anyone. His friend found him a few blocks away (Crescent is small enough to canvas on foot) and brought him back to the bar. I am convinced that he wanted him to go home, but couldn't very well stop him from doing what he wanted. There was puking involved at some point, as I could smell. While puking usually means goodnight for many people, it just made more room for ironbeard to fill with alcohol.
My cash ran out and I disengaged from his friendly... too friendly grasp and made my way out to him starting trouble and the staff yelling at him to leave. Nobody there seemed to have the ability to throw him out if they wanted to. They wanted to.
Anyway, here's a tip of the hat to Ironbeard. Just thought of him today even though I met him only once a decade ago.
I'm gonna raise a beer to you today. Here's to you, Ironbeard. What a character.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Spidermouse –or– Spatireman

Finally, something to make fun of after weeks of slow news. Instead of saying something snarky, I'll do it in Q&D photo manipulation.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vive Ztarz

My model of the Skirvin for 3d warehouse hasn't been accepted for google earth yet, but it seems the model was good enough to get the highest rating it could be given by a person named Shane. Thanks, Shane.
Meanwhile, I am sitting on two models and a powerless camera with no charger. Until I get power to that battery –or another camera that works– the models are in limbo.
It is for fun, but it is also for a chance at a job with Skyline Ink, of which I also have a 2D short standing in half-completion. I figure I'm not going to get much play with only one model in my collection, which is really no excuse to not complete the short to be able to send when I the other elements come together.
Anyone have a working camera I can borrow for the weekend? It doesn't even have to be a good camera.

Goodbye I say hello

With nothing really to post in the last week, I went looking for content. Since It's all about me –and it is– I looked up the year of my birth and culled the info to pertain to what I find interesting.

Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin die and the Beatles break up.

Some famous people were born on the same year as me.
Uma Thurman • Ethan Hawke (Uma's hubby) • Beck • Genndy Tartakovsky
Minnie Driver • Simon Pegg • Tina Fey • Kevin Smith • Jay Mohr
Claudia Schiffer • Ani DiFranco • Kelly Ripa • Sarah Silverman
Jennifer Connelly • Matt Damon • Christopher Nolan • Alex Ross
Zack de la Rocha • Vince Vaughn

and oddly these pro wrestlers:
Yoshihiro Tajiri • Chris Jericho • Rob Van Dam

Famous People that died the same year I was born
Mark Rothko - Painter
Max Born - Physicist
E.M. Forrester - Author
Edward Everett Horton - Actor (Rocky & Bullwinkle)
Charles DeGualle - President of France
Eiji Tsuburaya, - Director of Godzilla and Ultraman